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Smart Home Project (Updates)

The project has reached an operational stage with the following milestones.

The original posts can be found at
Starting a smart home project
Smart Home Design V1

The Smart Home is controlled by Openhab2 using a Raspberry PI. After some initial instability, the system finally is able to be functioned smoothly. The main control panel is Habpanel and a sample of the main dashboard is as shown.

Habpanel is one of the official UI supported by Openhab. It comes with some pre-defined widgets such as buttons, frames etc. For the pictures above, some of the widgets are custom widgets created by third parties such as the column of sliding switches, presence detection panel and the fan control panel. User can easily extend habpanel widgets because the widgets are written in AngularJS.

There are 5 main types of communications protocols:

This is the main backbone used by all the devices.
2. Zigbee
This is mainly used by Xiaomi sensors.
3. RF 433 MHz
This is used by the ceiling fans, doorbell…