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Import CSV file from Google Drive to Big Query

I have written about using App Scripts to collect telemetry data and the ease of integrating it to Google Sheet to chart the temperature and humidity reading. In this post, I shall describe the approach using a CSV uploaded via Google File Stream and a scheduled job which is written in App Script to load the data into Big Query. This approach is very good for integrating the transactional capability of ERP system and the Analytics capability of Visualisation system (Data Studio).

ERP system has rich built-in business process workflow and transactional control, When performing Dashboard and Data Analytics functionality, it will slow down the entire system. In this case, it may be better for analytics features to be performed by another system. Fortunately, most ERP system is capable of auto execute a query to export CSV data. I have made use of this capability to import the daily files generated by ERP to Big Query via Google Drive. This CSV file is picked up by an App Script to import…