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Smart Home Control Panel using ESP-Link

This post describes the control panel developed with a few open source software and libraries. The main purpose is to have a proof of concept that the various components can be put together to become a useful product.

I have built a smart home system controlled using Openhab and the hardware switches are primarily using Sonoff switches with Tasmota firmware. The switches are controlled using Openhab Habpanel using an Android Tablet. Generally, this is my preferred way of using the Android Tablet but the Arduino control panel is developed so that it can interface to external hardware at low cost.

The control panel is developed using ESP-Link firmware with the El-client APIs and the hardware is an ESP8266 and Mega2560 combi board.  Besides acting as a touchscreen based on/off switch, it is also an internet clock (ntp) and a doorbell buzzer.

The software/firmware/libraries are
ESP-Linkel-client APIs (interface to ESP-Link firmwareMCUFriends Arduino library to control the TFT screen.JOS me…